Tyler and I Present at CAL State San Marcos Again!

Once again, Tyler and I were asked to present to a class of over 60 students in the Graduate Program for Special Education at CAL State San Marcos. Tyler wasn’t daunted! In fact he asked could he make a PowerPoint Presentation because the class was so large! He created it, and included all the information about what technology and tools he utilizes in Grade 11 at High School. He even had links within his PPT to go out to the Websites, and FaceBook sites Tyler has made. More info on that in another Post! The long class went by so fast, with all the information and questions from the Graduate students. It was a fun experience for Tyler, and he felt proud to show what he is learning and doing at school. It was a fabulous experience for the Graduate Students to meet a parent and student who have the challenges of dealing with a severe Syndrome, yet approach each day, with a positive attitude, and enthusiasm to learn at school, and have fun playing ice hockey with his team mates!