Tyler Graduated with his Diploma from High School

So proud of Tyler working so hard to graduate high school with a diploma. With the hard work of the Special Ed teachers at his school and the San Diego Regional Center, Tyler is going to Community College this fall! Over the last few months Tyler did interviews with the San Diego Regional Center for their Program called College 2 Career C2C program. They only take 20 people in a year. Tyler made it..so he is moving to the next big phase in his life!! So proud of him. We are working with the San Diego Regional Center, so Tyler will also be supported at college with the Tailored Day Program. It is one on one support 7 to 8 hours per week. Incredible program and services. Check out the San Diego Regional Center and the programs they offer!

Check out Tyler’s Ceramic Website & FB Link Clay2go.weebly.com


Over this past summer, Tyler worked in my mother’s ceramic studio, creating his own line of ceramic gift ware. He has worked with my mother for many years in her studio, making items out of clay, learning how to form the item, glaze and fire them. Tyler learned the valuable lesson of sourcing his items, learning how to calculate the cost of materials, labor etc. and then


Tyler playing ice hockey, new season begins!

Tyler just finished a season of ice hockey, and now starts a new season. The boys are getting larger and the game is more aggressive, even though up to this point it has been non-checking.  It is now a checking league, we had to make a tough decision, that Tyler had to think about, and realize he cannot play in a checking league, because of his medical issues, most importantly having sight in only one eye, kidney, heart, ear, and feet issues. So we discussed this with the Hockey Coach and came to a good compromise. Tyler will skate with the team during practices, but during games, he will be with the coach learning how to coach the team. This way he keeps the incredible relationships he has built with the boys on the team, skate with them, and also learn a new skill. Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and FB page. 

best buds

Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and Facebook page!

Mingle – Networking Group for Families and Professionals in the Community

Mingle – Advocacy Resources for Parents of children with Special Needs

I attended this amazing fun event, where you can meet professionals that specialize in various services for parents of special needs children. The event is free. At this event I met with the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of San Diego, who can work with your child in their lab, to supply the right equipment if they have a speech or communications needs. I also met with another company that specializes in offering refurbished laptops to children with special needs and seniors. There are many vendors, and also families with children that attend these free events. Check out thier website and calendar for the next event!


International Technology Conference for People with Disabilities

International Technology Conf. for People with Disabilities. You should try to visit the Manchester Grand San Diego, to either walk the exhibit which is free and see all the different vendors or pay a fee and attend the sessions. ….check out the website..


28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

The date and the location of our 28th annual conference:
February 25 to March 2, 2013
Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Diego, CA

Children with disabilities, can play on a sports team at school?

Did you hear this week that children with disabilities are entitled to play on school sports teams? As school sports are so competitive, this will be an interesting discussion to have with your child’s school athletic director. Every school situation will be different, but you should have this discussion.  Having your child participate in a school sport and being part of a team, is invaluable.  They also learn to win and loose and push themselves.

How do you teach your child how to study?

This week Tyler had mid term exams. It was a difficult time trying to teach him how to study huge amounts of information for his Earth Space Science class. With being blind in one eye, and stigmatisms in both eyes, and colobomoas (holes in both eyes) it is extremely fatiguing for Tyler to read huge amounts of information, then retain it. His teachers put together ideas and notes, of various ways to learn the information and prepare for an exam. We will try it out at home, and his teachers will try it out in class and challenge him!

My Inspiration

My son Tyler continues to thrive because of the relationships we have built in working collaboratively with his teachers and school administration.

Recently, Tyler addressed a large group of health professionals to help them understand his story and how his support systems have helped him reach his full potential as a student, and athlete and a friend.

Read some of the feedback here:Teacher Reflections