Diploma or Certificate Bound Student

As my son Tyler is 18 now, and is a Senior in high school, we weren’t really sure if he was going to be certificate or diploma bound. As our children learn, were aren’t always sure how they will growth, build confidence and which path they will take. Through out Tyler’s high school, we have made sure to work closely with his Program Specialist, and the IEP team (from the school district), to understand all the options (credits needed to graduate) and services available. I have also made sure a representative from the Regional Center attended each of Tyler’s IEP meetings, so both Service providers were involved every step of the way.

For example if Tyler leaves school with a Certificate, then he will stay in the school district until he is 22 years of age, and be eligible for the Adult Transition Program Services. ┬áIf Tyler graduates with a Diploma, then he is fully exited out of the Unified School District and their services end. Hence, I made sure a few years ago, to learn about the San Diego Regional Center, and the services they provide, for students that have graduated with a Diploma. I made sure to do all the paperwork and interviews, and had Tyler’s case reviewed by the Regional Center and approved for their services. So upon graduation with a Diploma, we will work with the Regional Center case worker to create a personalized plan for Tyler, that will incorporate, community college, life skills, and job coaching etc.

We are very excited that Tyler worked so hard, to accomplish this huge feat in his life. He is proud of himself, and positive for what the future will hold. He is driven to graduate and transition to the next big step in life, college!! For more information on the San Diego Regional Center, please go to my listing of Parent Resources.