Tyler’s Ice Hockey Website he Built

Check out the website Tyler built for his Ice Hockey Team, the SDIA Midgets! He keeps the roster, schedule and also the scores. I take photos and film each of the games, and he edits and creates the media and videos for his website.

Tyler is also taking courses to be an apprentice Ice Hockey coach. He has already passed his first online course. Never stop learning!


Learning Skills to Build Confidence and find a Job

During the past year in school Tyler worked at both the Coffee Shop at School, and also at CVS. These new jobs, helped him build confidence, learn new skills, and work with different people. Now Summer is upon us, I asked Tyler what he was going to do for a summer job. In his Work Experience class at school they helped him create a resume. So we reviewed it, as I told him he should walk to our village (10 minute walk) and look for a job, like any other teenager does over summer. Well he went into a burger restaurant, and they told him to come back and complete a job application. He did this, by himself! Then they asked him to come back and participate in two training sessions. Then after the training, he was told he had a job! This is the first real paying job, Tyler has ever had, and he did it completely by himself. He learned to push himself outside his boundaries, and is so proud of himself. He will learn so much from this experience.

Check out Tyler’s Ceramic Website & FB Link Clay2go.weebly.com


Over this past summer, Tyler worked in my mother’s ceramic studio, creating his own line of ceramic gift ware. He has worked with my mother for many years in her studio, making items out of clay, learning how to form the item, glaze and fire them. Tyler learned the valuable lesson of sourcing his items, learning how to calculate the cost of materials, labor etc. and then


Tyler’s ceramic company Clay2go http://clay2go.weebly.com/contact-me.html

Tyler has been busy working in my mother’s ceramics studio. He has made his own line of ceramics, and shown it at various art shows. He had sold out of all his pieces, so he just made a fresh supply of new ceramic giftware. He has also built the website for clay2go and the Facebook site.

The site is called:


Tyler playing ice hockey, new season begins!

Tyler just finished a season of ice hockey, and now starts a new season. The boys are getting larger and the game is more aggressive, even though up to this point it has been non-checking.  It is now a checking league, we had to make a tough decision, that Tyler had to think about, and realize he cannot play in a checking league, because of his medical issues, most importantly having sight in only one eye, kidney, heart, ear, and feet issues. So we discussed this with the Hockey Coach and came to a good compromise. Tyler will skate with the team during practices, but during games, he will be with the coach learning how to coach the team. This way he keeps the incredible relationships he has built with the boys on the team, skate with them, and also learn a new skill. Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and FB page. 

best buds

Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and Facebook page!

Tyler and I Present at CAL State San Marcos Again!

Once again, Tyler and I were asked to present to a class of over 60 students in the Graduate Program for Special Education at CAL State San Marcos. Tyler wasn’t daunted! In fact he asked could he make a PowerPoint Presentation because the class was so large! He created it, and included all the information about what technology and tools he utilizes in Grade 11 at High School. He even had links within his PPT to go out to the Websites, and FaceBook sites Tyler has made. More info on that in another Post! The long class went by so fast, with all the information and questions from the Graduate students. It was a fun experience for Tyler, and he felt proud to show what he is learning and doing at school. It was a fabulous experience for the Graduate Students to meet a parent and student who have the challenges of dealing with a severe Syndrome, yet approach each day, with a positive attitude, and enthusiasm to learn at school, and have fun playing ice hockey with his team mates!

CAL State San Marcos Presentation

My son Tyler and I were asked once again to present to Cal State San Marcos Master’s program for Special Education. Tyler’s and my presentation was well received as it gave these students and educators an interesting and heart felt view from a child and parent perspective. They could empathize what we go through everyday. The students gained incredible ideas including how to work with the family, and attain the goals for the child in a joint effort. From my 17 years working with Special Education professionals, I was able to explain how I have created a positive environment with our IEP team for my son.

Mingle – Networking Group for Families and Professionals in the Community

Mingle – Advocacy Resources for Parents of children with Special Needs

I attended this amazing fun event, where you can meet professionals that specialize in various services for parents of special needs children. The event is free. At this event I met with the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of San Diego, who can work with your child in their lab, to supply the right equipment if they have a speech or communications needs. I also met with another company that specializes in offering refurbished laptops to children with special needs and seniors. There are many vendors, and also families with children that attend these free events. Check out thier website and calendar for the next event!


Braille Institute Annual Eye Disease & Access Technology & Workshop Fair

I attended the most amazing presentations and workshop fair at the Braille Institute in La Jolla, on Friday September 27th, 2013. The keynote speaker was Dr. Bill Takeshita, O.D. who is the Consulting Director of Low Vision Education at the Braille Institute of America, Inc. He presently serves as the Chief of Optometry to the Center for the Partially Sighted and he is an Adjunct Professor at the Southern California College of Optometry. He is a truly valued resource and he is blind. The next Speaker was Juan Hernandez, who is the Access Technology specialist at the Braille Institute. He is also blind, but presented all the latest applications and technology you can use in everyday life, to check your email, use public transportation, buy groceries etc. He teaches at the Braille Institute and can also all be scheduled for private meetings.