Cord Blood Center

Please welcome Cord Blood Bank as the latest parent resource, on the Special Needs Resource Listing. Cord Blood Center is a new organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of public cord blood banking. Umbilical cord blood has helped children survive over 80 diseases and disabilities including leukemia, spinal cord injury, anemia, autism and is now in FDA regulated clinical trials at Georgia Regents University for cerebral palsy. Cord Blood Center’s  mission is to help promote the benefits of cord blood to help communities around the country better understand how they can benefit and help save lives of children in need.

The team at cord blood banking, provides the latest up-to-date information and free resources for expecting parents. There has been over 35,000 cord blood transplants thanks to donors worldwide. With more awareness we can increase that number and further save lives of children suffering from cancers, blood disorders and many other serious disorders and disabilities including cerebral palsy.

For further information please contact,
The Cord Blood Center
Katie Wilson
Awareness Advocate
1888 780 2885