Learning Skills to Build Confidence and find a Job

During the past year in school Tyler worked at both the Coffee Shop at School, and also at CVS. These new jobs, helped him build confidence, learn new skills, and work with different people. Now Summer is upon us, I asked Tyler what he was going to do for a summer job. In his Work Experience class at school they helped him create a resume. So we reviewed it, as I told him he should walk to our village (10 minute walk) and look for a job, like any other teenager does over summer. Well he went into a burger restaurant, and they told him to come back and complete a job application. He did this, by himself! Then they asked him to come back and participate in two training sessions. Then after the training, he was told he had a job! This is the first real paying job, Tyler has ever had, and he did it completely by himself. He learned to push himself outside his boundaries, and is so proud of himself. He will learn so much from this experience.