Tyler playing ice hockey, new season begins!

Tyler just finished a season of ice hockey, and now starts a new season. The boys are getting larger and the game is more aggressive, even though up to this point it has been non-checking.  It is now a checking league, we had to make a tough decision, that Tyler had to think about, and realize he cannot play in a checking league, because of his medical issues, most importantly having sight in only one eye, kidney, heart, ear, and feet issues. So we discussed this with the Hockey Coach and came to a good compromise. Tyler will skate with the team during practices, but during games, he will be with the coach learning how to coach the team. This way he keeps the incredible relationships he has built with the boys on the team, skate with them, and also learn a new skill. Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and FB page. 

best buds

Tyler also built the hockey team’s website and Facebook page!